When it comes to pests, especially mice, rats, and other rodents, you know that it can be a big problem, especially if you live in a big city like Manhattan. Pests, such as mice and rats might seem like a problem only people experience if they are unhygienic, but the reality is that any of us can experience this problem at anytime. In order to protect your home from rodents of all types, there are a few tips and tricks to follow, and here they are.


  1. Make sure there are no open food bags lying around – One of the biggest lures for rodents such as mice and rats are open food containers. This can include anything from open cereal boxes, crackers, cookies, and even bread. In order to protect yourself from pests ruining your happy home, seal off any bags of food in your pantry and cupboards. And if pests really start to become a problem, move all food to the refrigerator or freezer.


  1. Take the garbage out as often as possible – Smelling trash is another way that pests find you! Make sure to take out the trash as much as possible, and if you can, don’t keep any perishable items in the trash cans whatsoever. Rodents, such as mice and rats, are able to smell trash from quite a ways away, as they have a very keen sense of smell. So, do what you can in order to decrease trash in your home, and take out the garbage as often as possible.

Close off any holes or openings in the walls or floors – This is the most important way to get rid of rodents, close off any holes or openings that rodents could have access to! It is said that some mice can fit through even a dime-sized hole, so make sure your walls and floors are sealed well, with no holes or openings for them to come through.