Many businesses have had to close their doors due to pest infestations. Don’t let your business be one of them. Still not concerned? Check out five ways pests can hurt your professional business.

Loss of Business
Most companies will agree that that their customers are the top priority. Customer retention is of utmost importance, and even losing one is unacceptable.

Decrease in Revenue
Loss of business equates to a decrease in revenue. When customers or clients are aware of a pest problem, they are less likely to use your business for the service or product provided.

Damaged Reputation
As mentioned, a pest problem will without question start a conversation among your clients and their peers. This is damaging to your business’s reputation, as existing and potential clients may no longer see your business as “suitable.” Once your reputation is damaged, it’s extremely hard to regain your credibility.

Structural Damage
Damage to a building’s infrastructure is a huge way in which pests can hurt a business. Many pests chew through wood, drywall and electrical wiring, causing damages that are expensive to repair. If your business needs to close due to pest-related repairs, your business is losing money in terms of revenue and labor fees.

Closing the Business
In extreme cases, businesses close due to a pest infestation. If and when the business reopens, it can be difficult to rebrand and regain customer loyalty. If pest problems continue or become recurring, a business could be asked to close its doors forever.

While any business in any industry can fall victim to a pest infestation, those in the food, beverage and hospitality industries as they are heavily scrutinized by the public. Thus, a publicized pest problem could have devastating effects on the establishment’s reputation, revenue and ability to stay in business.