I’ve been selling pest control for over 20 years.

During that time, I’ve had successes and failures. I’ve won some and I’ve lost some. I’ve been hung up on and I’ve had the door close in my face. I’ve even had security escort me out of a building once.

I could’ve quit and started a whole new career, but what kept me going was the thrill of the game. It was knowing that many successful people were once in sales. Understanding that if I can meet 15 people a day or if I can call 200 people a week, I can almost be assured that I can sell to a percentage of them.

Today my sales are off the charts. I sell over $2 million a year in commercial pest control. I also don’t have to work as hard as I did 20 years ago because I’ve built a Rolodex of clients that keeps calling. I have my clients referring their colleagues to me.

Want to know how I do it? Simple…Hard work, never giving up and thinking outside the box.

I’d like to show you how I’ve been selling and the tools I use, but before I do, I’m going to be quite direct: If you’re afraid to pick up a phone and cold call. If you sweat at the thought of selling door to door. If meeting someone makes you throw up. Then this isn’t for you. Stop reading my article. You’re just wasting your time.

So here we go:

  • Cold calling
    • Stop complaining that people hang up on you or that you feel you’re bothering them.
    • Don’t stare at the phone and wait for the perfect time to call.
    • Don’t make up excuses as to why you should call tomorrow and not today.
    • Yes, you will be hung up on. They will tell you they’re not interested. But for every 10 people you call, some will listen and of those listeners, some will either get you to the right person or they will set up a meeting with you.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for the decision maker.
    • The more calls you make, the more comfortable you are speaking and eventually booking appointments.
  • Door to door
    • Start by going door to door near places where your company is currently servicing. Tell them you’re servicing XYZ down the block and that you’d like to drop off your card. Tell them that you’ll call them tomorrow to set up a day whereby you can stop to provide a free inspection and quote.
    • Tell them since you’re here that you’ll only take up less than 15 minutes of their time to do a quick inspection with a follow up quote.
    • Walk up and down the street grabbing names and numbers. Call them and say that your company is servicing their neighbors and that you’d like to stop by to give them an estimate.
  • Networking
    • You should be networking the crap out of your company.
    • Never hang up the phone or leave a meeting or end an email without asking for referrals…NEVER.
  • Social Media
    • Get on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Like everything and everyone.
    • Write an article about your field of expertise.
    • Share an article.
    • Build your network of names and organizations.
    • Be relevant.
  • Cross selling
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for more business.
    • For example, you currently service the interior of their property. Well then why don’t you send them a proposal for an annual exterior wasp treatment? No wasp issue? How about a price for a mosquito treatment? Termite inspection? Lawn care? You get the picture.
  • Constant Contact/Mail Chimp
    • Great tools to use when sending your newsletter or a promotion.
  • Emailing
    • Always email current and potential clients.
    • If you don’t hear from, shoot off another email a couple of days later. Never give up. I had a potential client that I emailed over 93 times and made over 62 phone calls! Was I a pain in the ass? Absolutely. I never wanted him to forget me. FYI, 3 years later I got their account, and it was biggest I’ve ever had.
  • Discounts
    • Tell them you’ll give a discount for a referral that becomes a sale. Don’t think you’re losing money as these referrals begin to add up. Remember networking??

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