I can’t tell you how many times I’ll visit a building whose owner’s are complaining of rats when to my amazement I see dog poop lying around the side, back or front of the building.

So why does dog feces bother me?

What the public does not know is that dog excrement is the antidote to many rodenticides.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Dogs eat dry dog food which has Vitamin K. Vitamin K is the antidote.
  2. Dogs go outside and do their business.
  3. Rats foraging for food finds dog poop and eat it. As disgusting as this sounds, it’s actually a great source of food and nutrient for rats. They love this stuff.
  4. Now rats will also forage for other sources of food (e.g. trash, seeds and rat poison). By eating dog poop and noshing on rodenticide, rats will actually not die. As a matter of fact, they’ll enjoy eating rat poison and survive.

In short, by picking up after your pets, our rodenticide will take care of those vermin.