For some of us, next week will be the start of spring break: Kids off of school, taking a little time off or going away to some tropical island. This is the time to be take extra steps to ensure that bedbugs do not get into your home.

While on vacation, you might encounter some visitors you’d rather not bring back home.

Take for example bedbugs.

Here are some tips for you to watch out for:

  • When arriving to your hotel, check out your bedroom.
    • Pull back sheets, lift up pillows and thoroughly check out mattress and box spring.
    • See if there are any signs of droppings. Bed bug droppings look like ground black pepper. Look at the creases of the mattress/box spring to see if there are dead or alive bed bugs.
    • Open dresser drawers and see if there’s anything unusual (such as droppings and/or bed bugs). Do this BEFORE placing your clothes inside these drawers.
    • This might sound crazy, but look behind picture frames. Many times if a bedroom has bedbugs, you will see them hiding behind picture frames.
  • Keep your luggage on a chair rather than on the floor.
    • Even though bedbugs can be anywhere, there’s a higher probability they’re going to be on the carpet than a chair.
  • Check out sites like Tripadvisor® or sites with reviews about the hotel you’re staying at.
    • See if people mention bedbugs during their stay. This can be key.
  • Got a bite?
    • Take it seriously. Especially if you notice bite marks in a small condensed group pattern.
    • Ask to speak to a hotel manager immediately. Have them move you to another room. And yes, asked to be comped for your troubles!
  • Buyers beware.
    • We always get a call from a customer who went on a trip to some foreign country and brought back furniture, painting, artifacts, etc. and to their surprise, bedbugs have latched onto them.
    • Thoroughly inspect anything you purchase and intend on bringing back home.

No one wants any stress on their vacation; however, if you do your due diligence, your trip should be memorable.

Enjoy your spring break!