To the untrained eye, termites and ants almost look the same.

So what’s the difference? How do I know if it’s a devastating termite or a troublesome carpenter ant?

Well let’s see. Here’s how to tell the difference between the two:

Carpenter Ant

  • Has 3 body segments
  • Their antennas are bent (or looks broken)
  • Generally are reddish or dark colored
  • They dig (or excavate) moist wood. Therefore, you will see sawdust on the ground.


  • Has 2 body segments
  • Their antennas are straight
  • Their wings are longer than their body. Almost twice as long.
  • Generally are white or almost transparent in color
  • They “eat” solid wood
  • They will make mud tubes outside of a wall or in the ground adjacent to a wall

Properly identifying these insects will dictate whether it’s a $200 problem or a $2,000 problem