So last night we’re having dinner. My wife says to me, “Why are there ladybugs in our kitchen?”

Now mind you we live in Chicago and it’s about 8 degrees. We should be seeing these guys in late summer. Why now?

What’s happening is they’ve overwintered in your home. In the fall, they’ll fly towards brighter colored homes and enter through any crack or crevice. Once inside, they’ll hibernate.

So during winter, they may wake up and fly towards light, which can sometimes be your kitchen or bathroom.

I suggest you leave them alone as they’ll excrete a yellow substance that can stain your wall or fabric when smashed.

They truly are harmless and beneficial. They don’t eat fabric. They’ll survive on their own fat that they’ve stored.

They do eat Aphids. Aphids are tiny destructive insects that eat your plants. Thus, you’ll want ladybugs around.

I also hear that ladybugs bring good luck.