No matter what time of the year it is, pests are always a problem. They are everywhere. You look around, or look away for a moment there are pests littering your space, ruining your garden or even your bed or living space. There is no respite from pests but knowing which pests to expect in which season, might give you a little more advantage. You would be mentally prepared to battle anything, as well as will have the opportunity to plan ahead and buy proper pesticides. You might also take help of a Pest Management Professional. So, let us see which pests arrive to visit you in which season.

  1. Summer

In the hot weather you are more likely to see just about any kind of insect roaming around. The pests who you see most around this time are mosquitoes, fleas, ants, ticks, termites, grasshoppers, flies. The hot, humid climate is ideal for mosquitoes to lay eggs resulting in their increase in number during this time. The standing water sources need to be cut off and the adults need to be killed. After the long period of hibernation, ants come out in search of food, in order to make enough storage for their colony to conserve till fall. To save yourself from ants, you need to be careful about leaving food crumbs around, especially on beds. Fleas are a problem, especially to animals, who are also susceptible to tick bites that spread diseases. Fleas often need an indoor pest control treatment. In case of pets a Seresto collar can be used. Termites also grow in number during Summer, after their mating period in Spring. It takes professional management to remove them. Flies who breed in the hot weather as well, have a grand time invading your home, spreading germs and even staying till fall. Although cockroaches are year round insects they like the hot weather too.


  1. Autumn

It is the season for spiders, stink bugs, bed bugs, stinging insects and fleas. If they get in your house, stink bugs can be a real problem. The odor they release when they are attacked increases their notorious quality. They are also known for damaging crops. Flea infestation becomes a problem for most pet owners. During Autumn, spiders tend to take shelter indoors for warmth. It is also time for rodents to start moving indoors. Rodents always need a special kind of extinction method using rodenticides. Stinging insects continue to grow throughout summer and in Autumn become many in number and potentially dangerous too. If these infestations are spotted, professional pest control must be contacted.


  1. Winter

Mice are a major issue during winter as they move inside for food and shelter and start gnawing on all your electric wires, shoes, important papers, spread germs and become a general nuisance. Bedbugs, travelling through luggage, clothing can spread easily as well, especially since it’s holiday season. Hotels should always be thoroughly checked and clothes from the luggage should be washed in hot water. Besides that, the all year around cockroaches, fleas, spiders are there as well.

At home remedies for pests are easy, for some pests. If anything gets out of hand, a professional should always be called for a thorough check-up.