So the other day a friend of mine told me this story: A restaurant owner had a place that was pretty clean yet he has roaches. He didn’t understand why he was having this issue since he currently has a pest control service. He also proceeded to tell me that he’s fired several pest control companies because they couldn’t solve his problem. “Can you do better?” he asked him.

Well back 23 years ago when I first started working as a pest control salesmen, if a potential client asked me that same question, I would’ve said “Yep, we absolutely can do better than them – How dare they not wipe out your pest issue? – They’re not using the right products – Heck I bet they only spent five minutes here.”

Now that I’ve grown up and became wiser, I stopped bashing my competition. It’s childish and quite unprofessional.

You see, we’re all on the same playing field. Working hard for our family and building a good reputation for ourselves in a non-glamorous industry. Though we may use different products, our techniques are pretty much similar. We inspect, we treat baseboards, bait in cabinets, dust inside walls, etc.

Truth is, most of the time it’s not our fault but theirs. They may not be the cleanest establishment. Their form of clean is not our form of clean.

“Why are rats inside my building?” Well perhaps you should seal up your building.

“Why are there flies in my kitchen?” Well why is your back door open? “The kitchen is hot.” Then install a screen door. C’mon…

We all play the blame game. “I have an issue, therefore it’s your fault.” These managers have to report to their bosses. If there’s a pest issue, who will they blame? Well us. We’re the perfect scapegoat.

I understand there’s competition out there, but just step back and look at the big picture BEFORE you say anything negative about someone. Who knows, it may not be your competition’s fault.

If a manager cannot fix the underlying problem, then they’ll never get control of their pest issue and then guess what? You become another pest control company that was just fired.