Our office receives hundreds of calls with bedbug issues. Along with that, we get hundreds of questions. Some are quite amusing.

So let’s set it straight about these guys:

Q. “Can a bedbug give you a disease?”

A. There have been no reported diseases to humans; however, they do carry some viruses.

Q. “Can they fly?”

A. What you saw was not a bedbug. Bedbugs do not have wings. Thus, they don’t fly.

Q. Like the nursery rhyme, “Goodnight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite”. “Do they only bite at night?”

A. Bedbugs do not just bite at night. They bite whenever they’re hungry.

Q. “Do they live only on a mattress?”

A. They can live virtually anywhere (e.g. Suitcases, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.)

Q. “How long can a bedbug live?”

A. With one bite, they can live for several months without another blood meal. They’ll survive using their own body fat.

Q. “Are bedbugs only an inner city issue?”

A. Bedbugs don’t care if you’re rich or poor, filthy or a clean house. These guys are “hitchhikers”. They latch onto you. Once you’re home, you’ve just introduced them to your dwelling.

Q. “I found a spray from a hardware store. Will this take care of them?”

A. How wrong can you be… Using an over the counter product to attack these pests can become worse as you can spread them further into walls. You should always call a licensed pest control company to handle this. They know what to use and how much of it to use.