Urban Pest Control Ltd. Is Engaged To Urban Pest Management Through Integrated Pest Management, Termite Treatment And Fumigation Services, Commissioning Designing And Installment Of Co2 Fumigation System For Modern Food Grain Storage, Installment Of Flying Insect Light Positive Optimum Model Of Lihgt Trap For Residences, And Industries, Mite And Flea Trap For Pet Homes, Pheromone, Pit Fall Trap And Sex Trap For Crops And The World Class Pest Control Operator In Bangladesh Uses Environment-Friendly Who Approved Pesticides Mostly Are Bad Smellless And Residual Effects Free. Urban Pest Control. Services Are Supervized By Most Sophisticated Pest Management Exparts Like Public University Phd Holders Professor And Applied Entomologists. We Follow The International Standard Of Safety Measures With Optimal Measurement Of Lethal Dosage And Lethal Concentration Of Active Ingredients!